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Full Details about the new Google Tez App

Google Tez App

After the US, Google has now launched its online payment service in India. The name of this app is Tez. This app can be downloaded for free from both Android and iOS. That is to say that Google launched this app to give competition to PAYTM. This app from Google is connected to all banks like HDFC, SBI, ICICI etc using UPI. With this app, users can make payments directly from their bank account. There will be no need to open a separate account for this.

Download from Google Play

You can download Google Tez payment app from the Google Play store. For this, you have to type in Tez payment app English in Play Store. After this you will see a T-shaped logo which will be powered by Google Inc.
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Choose language

After the Google Tez App is installed, you have to select your language. In Google Tez, the major languages ​​spoken in the country have been given place. This includes Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, Marathi and Kannada. You can choose one of these languages.

Type mobile number

After this you have to enter your mobile number. Remember, you enter the same mobile number that you have registered with your bank. After entering the mobile number you will get an OTP, these OTP will be automatically validated. If not, you can also type it.

Select lock option

After this you will be given two options to choose lock, in which pattern lock and number lock are available. If you choose number lock, then type any 4 points of your choice. You have to remember these numbers because without this number you will not be able to use the Tez app.

Add to UPI

Apart from this, you can also add the Tez app to your UPI based Bhim app. To add a UPI based Bhim app, you need to type your PIN to your Bhim app. After typing this PIN, your account will be linked to both the UPI and the Tez.

How to send money

In the Tez app you can send money in three ways.
• You can send money by typing the UPI ID.
• Can send money by typing bank account number and IFSC code
•From the Tez app to another, the mobile holder, who has the Tez app, can search and send money. This is just like you transfer and receive files from share it.

Fast shield

In the Tez app, the facility of fast shield is given in which it will save you bank account from hacking and fraud. Along with this, you will be able to use the fast app only after you have identified your identity. Apart from this, you will continue to get support for Google's support team 24 hours.

Surprise Offer

With the fast app scratch card you can win up to Rs. 1000. Apart from this, you can be entitled to win 1 lakh rupees every week on Sunday. You do not need any coupons for this. You can find all the information by visiting for more information.

Main Features

Users from this app will be able to make payments directly from their bank account.

There will be no need to open an account separately for this.

Google will not take any commission for this service. 

Money will remain safe in the bank. They will not go to Google.

There is also cash mode in this app. With this help this, a Tez user can send money to another user directly.

There will be no need to share any type of bank dectel or phone number.

The app will also be able to make payments by scanning the QR code.

If you are able to connect to your 20 friends in a month, you will earn up to Rs 1000 without doing anything.

Like other payment volumes, users will also get offers like Scratch Cards, Referral Rewards and Lucky Sunday Lucky Draw.

The company has claimed that shopkeepers can also use this app to take digital payments in their account.

Apart from this, no fees will be charged for receipt of money till the limit of Rs. 50,000 per month.
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