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Android Oreo New Features - Top 5

Google has announced the launch of its new mobile operating system Android 8.0 Oreo. The new version of Android has been named Oreo. The good news for users is that the Android team has brought many important features to your smartphone and tablet. With the launch of Android Oreo, an attempt has been made to make mobile platform more secure, faster, better multitasking and power efficient. This new version of Android will be made available by the end of this year. 

Below are the details of such 5 big features that we feel good in Android Oreo till now: 

1. 'Install From Unknown Sources' settings deleted:

However, the downloadable application from all third party sources does not contain a virus. But even then your personal information may be in danger. To download apps from such a source so far, users had to turn on the "Install from unknown sources" setting. Now after Oreo's update, the complete setting of the settings will change, in which the user will get the new option of Install other apps , Under which manual permissions must be given. 

2. Autofill API Framework:  

It has been said to create difficult and different passwords for online accounts. Because it is difficult to remember so many passwords. So far, Android users save these passwords as insecure on the notepad. Or some users use password managers. Some password managers give the option to auto-fill the information saved, for which they require the Device Accessibility Permissions and FEATURES. But Oreo Android 8.0 has built-in AutoFill API, so users can save sensitivity data in their preferred password manager. 

3. Picture-in-Picture:

PIP is one of the biggest features of the latest version of Android. Tell you why: This will happen most often with you when you want to watch YouTube videos while doing Whatsapp chat, but can not see it. That's because we have no such features available so far. But with Android 8.0 now you will not have this problem. With this version of Android, if you open an app and play the video, just press the Home button. By pressing the Home button, the video will shrink and move to the bottom right of your screen. After this you will be able to open other apps to do some more work. And your video will continue to play in the background. 

4. Android Instant Apps: 

With Android 8.0 you will be able to access the app without having to download it. However, these will not apply to all apps. This feature can be very beneficial for those whose phone's storage is mostly low. Users will be able to use the Android Instance app by clicking on the URL. 

5. Battery-Saving Background Limits:

To improve the phone's battery life, the background services and location updates will be limited to Android 8.0 Oreo. This means that they will not be able to consume the battery when the app is not being used.


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