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Top Apps Removed From Play Store

Google has removed many Android apps from the Play Store, which are copyright, gambling, malicious and subject to a variety of reasons. Therefore, in my opinion, I removed the top 5 Android Adwords from Google Play Store, which is useful for us in many ways. Look in the list.

Banned Apps by Google

1. Tube Mate:

Tube Mate is a very useful app but Google has removed that app from the Play Store because it enables users to download videos directly from their smartphone. YouTube did not like it and Tube mate was kick-out from the Play Store. Later, YouTube only added the offline download option to its users.

2. PSX4 Droid:

When this app was released nearly all the PlayStation fans had gone crazy, this app is made to play PlayStation games on smartphone. But due to the copyright problem, this application has been banned by Google.

3. TV Portal:

The TV portal app preferred by TV lover, this app made the audience live for serial stream. Because of this, all users are watching the serial in the smartphone. Channel managers filed a complaint about this, later Google Portal banned by Google.

4. Ad Away:

One of the most useful apps for all Android users this app disables all annoying advertisements, because of which all advertising publishers have lost revenue and a big loss for them. Due to this issue, Google kicked this app from the Play Store.

5. CM Installer:

The CyanogenMod Installer app allows users to change custom ROMs without rooting their device. Due to this user their warranty will be lost by changing their Rome. As a serious problem, the CM installer app is out of the Play Store.

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