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WhatsApp New Feature Available For Download

WhatsApp activates the option to delete that message that you should not have sent

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Note : The feature is only Available in its latest update.

WhatsApp instant messaging continues to include new features to your application. The company has activated the option so that, from now on, all those users who wish to erase those messages that maybe they should not have sent.


WhatsApp will give you two minutes to delete that message you regret

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For now, this new feature is only available to all those who are part of the WhatsApp Beta service on Android and have installed version 2.17.271 or later on their terminals. In case you have not joined this service, you can also download the latest update of the app in this link.

Download : WhatsApp Beta 2.17.271

Necessary condition for working of this feature

>Both the sender & receiver should have installed latest version of WhatsApp.

>Then one of you will have to type any message, and keep your finger pressed on it to delete it.

>After that, the application will allow the user to reply to that message, mark it as a favorite, view information about that message, delete it, copy it or share it with third parties.

>Here we will click on the icon of the trash.

>Once this is done, the application will send the following notification: "Do you want to delete this message?".

>To date it could only be deleted or canceled. However, thanks to the latest update, users have a third button, under the name 'Undo', by which they can reverse when they are wrong.

>Once this is done, the following message will appear on the screen of the person who deleted the message: "Cancel this message". In spite of this, and since a first version of this new feature is still being treated, the message receiver will still see the message. This feature is expected to be debugged over the next few days so that the recipient can also see how the received message has been deleted.