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Atul Singh

Jio will give free DTH service and 432 channels for 6 months!

New Delhi: These days there are reports of media that Reliance Jio has started the registration process for its DTH service.

The company will offer this service completely for the first 6 months of its users. That means you will have all channels completely free for 180 days. To find out how much truth is in this message, we have done it reality test. The registration of the live DTH service is being done with the
Reliance Jio Dth service in India free for 6 months
Reliance Jio Setup Box

In some media reports, it has been claimed that this website has also given the link to registration. Also, it has been said that the service will be free for 6 months. 432 channels will be shown in this. 50 channels will be HD in 432 channels. Other channels will be of normal definition.
The registration process details such as:
According to media reports, there will be a few steps to follow for the registration of the live DTH service. I.e. name, mobile number and state details for registration. After giving these details, the option to register now comes.

This is the truth of the website:
Some journalists visited to know the truth about the Jio-registration. This is a wish-based website like your name. Anywhere on our home page, we have not seen the registration link of the live DTH service anywhere.

Here are the details of DTH:
Another website,, is also in the service of Jio. This is not Geo's official website, but here is all information of the Geo service. That is, here is the information of DTH with Geo's Data Plan. Because this is not the company's website so the information provided here can not be believed.

On the DTH service the company said:
We talked to the company (Reliance Jio) about the registration of the DTH service. The company spokesperson said that no service related to DTH has been started. Any news that is coming on the media or other social platforms is thrown at all. At present, the company's full focus is on Geo Telecom Service.