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Amazon is launching Anytime app for Messaging

Soon Amazon Is Going to Launch Messaging App

Amazon is going to launch a messaging app

There is a good news for smartphone users. If you are looking for the option of Facebook Messenger, iMessage, WhatsApp, Google Allo, Hangouts, Slack, Signal, Telegram, Skype, Viber and find that these are not enough, then the search for a new messaging app can be completed soon.

The legendary online marketing company Amazon is working on a new app to meet your needs. It is being told that Amazon is working on 'Anytime', which will run on iOS, Android and desktop. It has been reported in AFTV News that an app survey has been done on select customers, which includes details of its special features.

All the basic requirements, including group chats, voice/video calls, encryption, and stickers are included in the Anytime. But, there are many more features in it, which can make it a big player in the messaging game. The biggest thing is that when talking to a friend, the phone numbers of the user will not be disclosed, like what is in WhatsApp or other apps.

It is said that Anytime can also create a challenge for the social network. With the user sharing photos and videos as well as applying filters and effects, there will be an option to order food and also play games. However, Amazon has not officially commented on this, but the idea of bringing a messaging app to the company is not a distant one.