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Atul Singh

Did you buy a plan for 303 or 309? No need for recharge, data is getting free for 28 days

If you have recharged your Jio number during Summer Surprise Offer then your plan is getting extensions.

If you have recharged with Rs 303, then Reliance Jio is giving you 28 days of free data. As shown here in this photo,

it was mentioned earlier that the name was written in the My Jio App, that its Summer Surprise Offer will expire on July 20, 2017 8:20 am, but now it will be written. Now this summer surprise will expire on August 18, 2017. That is, now this Jio number is not required to be recharged till 20th August. These benefits are being given to every person who was recharged for 303 rupees.

How to find out whether you got these benefits or not ?
If you want to know whether have a 28-day advantage in your Summer Surprise Offer plan or not, then you have to do this small work Open My Jio app on your phone. When you open My Jio App, you will have a similar type of information that will be written in front of you.

Summer Surprise and next will be a date for expiration and you will see a countdown of 28 days.

Have you got this benefit?
You will remember when this offer for 303 was going on, TRAI had stopped the offer for any reason. So soon Reliance Jio took Rs. 309 was offered in the plan. At that time, 303 was recharged, these benefits were received only by those people

Consumers who have Rs. 309 had planned to get 1GB of data per day for 90 days. They will have to recharge after 90 days of completion. And they can take whatever plan they want.