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FinoZen Review - Earn Upto 9% interest with FinoZen App

What is FinoZen App ?

FinoZen app assists savvy investors to invest their idle money through the app and earn high interest rates of 7% to 9%+ per annum unlike the Government or Private bank which pays you just 3-4% internet pa. You can also withdraw your investment whenever you wish to. No withdrawal charges and no filling out forms. 

Why FinoZen? 

While banks offer just an interest rate of 3% to 6% for your hard earned money, FinoZen app in turn gives the much-needed appreciation for your savings or fixed deposit amounts. Moreover, the best part of this app is that FinoZen credits your account with interest amount on a daily basis.

Finozen App Review

Starting investment account at FinoZen is a 3-minute task wherein you just take snaps from the app itself and upload the documents in a minute or less. Start investing today and accrue interest amount on your idle money.

More amazing features of this App are : 

>Gain 7% to 9%* interest rate per annum - unlike banks which pay 3 to 6% interest pa

>Interest on your amount gets credited to your account on a DAILY basis 

>Paperless activation - Submit photos through the app & get your account activated 

>Track investments and withdrawals anywhere & at anytime, right in the app itself 

>Invest using internet banking or any debit card >Instant withdrawal to bank account 

>Receive transactions in your inbox as PDF >Excellent Customer Support

>No TDS for investments 
>Save over 3 years time & you get indexation benefit (Negligible tax payout)

Step by Steps for App Installation

1. At First install FinoZen App.
2. Open the app , Click on “Create new account”.

3. Fill up all the information correctly, such as : Name, Mobile No, E-Mail, Password and Referral Code. 

Note : To Get free Sign Up Bonus of  Rs.50 

Enter Referral code – 9155841560.

4. Then fill up yours pan card and bank details .0

5. Now Upload any one id Proof From Aadhaar card , Voter id, Driving License, Passport .

6. To Get Extra Rs. 50 which will be directly Deposited in bank account load Rs.500 in your FinoZen account. 

7. Investment of Rs. 500 can be Withdrawn at any time.

Note : Without Depositing money, also you can earn by Referring Your Friends.

My Take on FinoZen

People in our country are in a state of confusion that whether we should invest in mutual funds or not. Due to its complicated terms and condition, it becomes difficult for the common people to understand. Well its right time to invest all of yours ideal money and FinoZen is the perfect app for doing so.
The interest that FinoZen app gives is never provided by any other bank. It is also very easy to use. So do Sign Up for this app as early as possible and grow or earn a hell lot of money by investing.


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